maandag 3 februari 2014

Cards april 2013


In april of 2013 I've received 11 postcards. It has got me cards from far away and cards from near. My top three of furtherest away: 1; Argentina (11.488km). 2; Taiwan (9.399km). 3; South Africa (9.254km).  The nearest postcard came from the Netherlands itself. It was about 35 km away, not that far. I'll show you all.












Sometimes a card can travel a short time. Most times it are cards from the Netherlands (where I live myself). Mostly they travel for about 1-3 days (depends of course when you sent them, since there is no post on sundays, haha). Sometimes a card travels a long time. When the distance is loads of kilometers they travel a longer period of time (about a week, 10 days or so). And of course there are this cards that get lost while traveling, which make them travel at least a month (sometimes up to about 125 days). The card from South Africa for instance. It has travelled for about 63 days. This card expired before I received it. It means that I didn't receive it in time, so the sender can send a new card (which is after 60 days). You've got to register the card as soon as possible with the code that everybody puts on their card (for instance: NL-1234583, where in this case NL stands for Netherlands, where I live, and the code is a original to put on the card. It's a code that is used once and than you get a new one, with an address). I like it. Of course the nicest thing is when they travel a long distance in a short time, haha. 

So. Which card do you like most?
Happy Postcrossing! 

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