vrijdag 11 oktober 2013



Well, this is the start of this blog! I've decided to start this blog and dedicate it to postcrossing.com. I will introduce myself:
I'm Yvonne, a 21 year old from The Netherlands! I like to travel, magnets, post crossing (getting postcard, but also sent them :)), baking/cooking, reading, movies and creativity. At the moment (oct. 2013), without a job, without a study, but I'm searching for what I want. Thankfully I've got some loving people around me who are willing to help me :). 

Since I'm a member (for about a year now) I have received 180 cards, I've send 188 cards and it goes on and on! At the moment I've sent for more than 620.000 km (385.000 miles!). I've sent 3 cards to Australia which adds for me the most distance: ±16.450 km (10.200 miles) which makes me very very happy! I've received for about 580.000 km (360.000 miles). The card that has traveled most is a card from New Zealand. It has been traveling for 18.200 km (11.300 miles). 

So, enough facts and numbers. I will upload cards here, so you can get an idea of the postcards I've received! Interested in postcrossing? You can sign up by clicking on the following link!

Well, thanks for reading! 

Love, Yvonne

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