zaterdag 12 oktober 2013

Keeping it together


For a while now I've been ordering my postcards in a special book. Before I did this, I always forgot where they lay, they where laying everywhere! I just kept losing them! I decided that it was enough and bought a blank book from Ikea and I've been pasting them in there with tape. If I look back on it, I'm glad I did it!! It's so easy to get the book and just view them again and again. Mostly I forget to do it, so I have to do like 15/20 at a time, I put them through the scanner, upload them and get them in my book :). You can see the whole idea under here :). 

Do you like getting post? What do you do to keep it clear?? Let me know!!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Yvonne - it's a;ways nice to find a new postcard blog!
    Some of my cards are in albums, some are in boxes... I still haven't thought what is the best way.

  2. Hi John!! Thanks for the reaction!
    It sure is! I haven't really googled it or something, but I sure do like it to! Well, i have to say, I haven't got any box, so when I was out shopping this seemed to me as the best option, but it is so thick at the moment with the number of cards in it, haha. So, I've got to buy a new book or a box :P. At least you keep them together :).